What We Do

RT Embedded is the answer to your home security needs. We offer the best home alarm packages, as well as top of the line security services. We offer you 24/7 protection inside your home. Whatever you need to feel safe and secure, we can offer you.

Home Alarm Systems

RT Embedded has different home alarm systems you can choose from. They may look different in style and size, but they all provide top-notch protection and security. We have small and big alarm systems. You can choose your home alarm system according to your need.

Security Monitoring Services

RT Embedded offers a variety of monitoring services. You can choose which one suits your needs:

Mobile Phone Monitoring

If your home does not have the Internet, you’ll need a mobile phone monitoring system. It has some useful features and is quite simple to use. It links to our monitoring headquarters when the alarm is triggered, and we take the necessary action to ensure that your safety is not compromised.

Broadband Monitoring

Using your Internet connection, the monitoring system will send a message to our headquarters the minute the alarm is triggered and sounds off. This monitoring system is reliable and stable.

Text Message or SMS Monitoring

The minute your home alarm is triggered and sounds off, you will be notified through text message or SMS. This is especially helpful when you are out of the house or mobile as you won’t have to wait until you have access to Internet connection. It is convenient and gives you peace of mind.