Nowadays, even your home is not safe.

In the past, the safest place you could be was your home. In your home, you were as far away from danger as possible. Inside your home, you were totally confident and secure. As the years went by, criminals became more daring, and they now had easy ways of penetrating a home. Today, you are no longer safe inside your home.

This is the reason why we pooled our skills and resources together and established RT Embedded.

RT Embedded is the answer to your home safety needs. We provide high quality, state-of-the-art home alarm equipment. We give you comfort and convenience in the most secure way possible. With our home alarm systems, you’ll feel totally safe inside your home.

We created the RT Embedded website so we can reach out to you. We believe that establishing a solid relationship with our clients is one way of achieving success. This website is a testament to that. Through this online address, we hope to be continuously in touch with you as this is the best way to get feedback from you regarding our products and services. Likewise, we also believe that a strong working relationship will allow us to work hand-in-hand and side-by-side with you. After all, one of our primary objectives is to provide the best customer experience.

The RT Embedded website is where you will find news and updates, information about the latest product developments, tips and tricks, discussions, forums, and other similar content.